Culture & Traditions: October

The topic of October is “TAI-IKU-NO-HI” or “The Sports Day”

The Sports Day, which is October 10 is the day for sports and to foster a sound mind and body. It is to commemorate the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the opening ceremony of which took place on October 10. Many sporting events at schools, companies, cities, etc. are held on this day because October is the best season of all year. People enjoy doing a lot of things during this beautiful season, such as sports, reading, visiting museums and appreciating arts, etc. Fall in Japanese is “Aki”, so we say fall for the sports, “Sports no Aki”, fall for the reading, “Dokusho no Aki”, fall for the arts, “Geijutsu no Aki”, we even say “Shoku-yoku no Aki” means good appetite in fall. Speaking of appetite, we never miss tasting the seasonable fresh foods in fall. For example, pear (NASHI), grapes (BUDOO), chestnut (KURI), persimmon (KAKI), mushroom (MATSUTAKE), mackerel pike (SANMA), etc.

Enjoy your fall season, wherever you are.