Mary Ohno and her Kabuki Academy performances in the past 15 years have reached well over 500 including solo concerts at a variety of locations not only in the States but also, Canada, South Africa. Mary Ohno has appeared on a radio interview and television program. Her contribution towards the Japanese American cultural exchange program is highly acclaimed by several Consulate Generals of Japan in the States of Washington, Texas, Florida, Vermont, Georgia, Massachusetts, and in Canada. All as a personal cultural gift from her. Her invitations to perform have taken her to Hawaii, Indiana, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Vermont, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maine, and Texas, where she is an “Honorary Citizen” and “Goodwill Ambassador” of Dallas and Houston as well as “Honorary Mayor” of La Villita (San Antonio).

Mary Ohno is the founder and Director of the Kabuki Academy Performance Troupe and is the artist who originated the concept of the illustrated performance. In 1966, at Berklee Performance Center of Berklee College of Music with the Boston Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts, Mary Ohno presented “Kabuki Revealed” with the specially assembled Kabuki Academy Performance Troupe of 12 professional Kabuki actors/dancers and musicians from Tokyo. The producer, Mary Ohno, created an ambitious performance with a lecture/demonstration format.

The Proclamation Mary Ohno received that day says “I, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston, join with the faculty, students and friends of the Boston Conservatory in welcoming the Kabuki Academy Performance Troupe of Tokyo to Boston and do hereby proclaim Saturday, September 14, 1966 to be MARY MARIKO OHNO AND THE KABUKI ACADEMY DAY.”