Culture & Traditions: November


The topic of November is “Shichi-Go-San” or “The Seven-Five-Three Festival”

The 7-5-3 Festival is on November 15 to celebrate 7 years old girls, 5 years old boys and 3 years old boys or girls. In Japan these three ages are very important in the growing stages of children. They all dress up in the best clothes such as kimono or cute dresses or suits and their parents take them to Sinto shrines where they pray for their children’s good health and bright future. Moms & Dads buy “Chitose Ame” for their children, which is about two feet long stick candy, symbolizing the longevity. Right after the 7-5-3 Festival, it sure is getting cold and ready for the winter season.

Enjoy your fall season, wherever you are.