Mary Ohno and Kabuki Academy have released a CD of shamisen music for your enjoyment!
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This 15 track CD contains traditional Naga-uta shamisen and also Mary’s composition numbers. With your choice of 2 covers containing a 12 fold booklet containing descriptions of all the songs, with photos and bios of all the musicians featured on the CD.


Shamisen à la carte 
1. Shamisen Fantasy 
2. Children Song Medley
3. Super Mario Bros. Theme Song 
4. My Neighbor Totoro 
5. Harusame Variation 
6. Hot Butter Popcorn
7. Shamisen Ai-kata Medley 
8. National Anthem-USA 
9. National Anthem-South Africa 
10.National Anthem-Myanmar 
11.National Anthem-Italy 
12.National Anthem-Canada 
13.Fourth of July 
14.The Sound of Autumn 
15.Songs of the World


Cover Design 1:

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Cover Design 2

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For only $15 + shipping $3 (in USA), you can own this remarkable collection of music performed by Mary Ohno (Kine-ie Yanacho) and her Natori shamisen players of Kabuki Academy.  PayPal payments are accepted.

Please choose a cover design, and email Mary Ohno at to get your copy now!




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