School Visits

Is your school interested in Japanese culture?

Dear Principal and Teachers, Mary Mariko Ohno was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and resides in University Place in Tacoma, Washington. She is an instructor of Japanese dancing, Japanese music and Nihon-Go (language), teaching at Tacoma Community College and Seattle Central Community College. In addition, she is touring throughout the area bringing knowledge and appreciation of Japanese culture to younger children. Since beginning this outreach program, she has visited over 300 schools.

The schools in this area (Tacoma, WA) are especially emphasizing the importance of diversity and multiculturism. In fact, Mary Ohno has a commitment of teaching Japanese language and culture at the Stadium High School, since November 2003. As a High School teacher as well as a “Goodwill Ambassador”, she strongly wants to share the beautiful Japanese traditional Arts with you and your students.

If your school is interested in having Japanese Performing Arts in your assembly program, Mary Ohno would be the perfect person to come and share with you, the enchanting culture of Japan. Her presentation usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes, and includes several Japanese dances, playing the Japanese musical instrument (shamisen), singing Japanese songs, teaching songs and simple greetings, etc. The fee for her entire program is only $150 (plus gas fee, if your school is located outside of Tacoma, WA) as this is Mary Ohno’s personal cultural gift. — Outside of Washington could be arranged in different programs and condition but is negotiable upon your request.

Mary Ohno can offer other customized presentations, such as visiting classrooms and hold “Origami” workshops (folding paper) or answer their questions about Japan, as an option.

If you need any further information please contact Mary Ohno by Clicking Here . Looking forward to hearing from you.