Nursing, Retirement, Senior Center Visits


Dear Social Program Manager,

Are your residents or members interested in Japanese culture?

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Mary Mariko Ohno, born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and living at University Place in Tacoma, Washington. I’m now teaching Japanese dancing, music and language at Tacoma Community College. At the same time, I’ve been touring many schools, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, Senior Centers, Healthcare Centers and sharing Japanese culture by performing Japanese dancing and music.

If you are interested in having me over to your place and having an entertainment program of Japanese dancing and music for your residents, patients, or members please feel free to call me at 253-564-6081 or send me e-mail. Would you like to know about Japanese culture and/or traditions? Yes, I can show and tell you!!

My performance fee will be $100-$150 for a 40-50 minute program including Japanese dancing, music (playing the shamisen; 3-stringed instrument) and sing-along time, as these are my personal cultural gifts. (additional gas fee, if you are outside of Tacoma, Washington)

If they want to learn ORIGAMI (folding paper art crafts) I would be more than happy to teach them, too.

Please keep in mind that Mary Ohno, “Goodwill Ambassador”, is anxious to come to either your Nursing Home/ Retirement Home/ Senior Center or Healthcare Center and make everybody


For further information or Mary Ohno’s brochure, please Click Here . I am looking forward to hearing from you.