Japanese Language

Japanese Language (Nihon-go) At Tacoma Community College

Mary Mariko Ohno is not only a Japanese Dancing and Naga-uta Shamisen musician but also Japanese language NIHON-GO KAIWA instructor at Tacoma Community College, Continuing Education Program in Tacoma, Washington. Her teaching methods are so unique and different from ordinary learning systems such as “struggling” or “suffering” that all her students come to her classes (10-week-course) full of passion, joy and enthusiasm. Mary Ohno’s father, Joe Tadaichi Hirakawa was quite well-known under the name of Uncle Come Come in Japan. He was teaching English conversation to Japanese on the NHK radio broadcast throughout Japan since February of 1946. He had his keen philosophy that, “You can hardly learn any foreign language unless you ENJOY learning it.” Mary Ohno, a daughter of Uncle Come Come, follows exactly in his foot steps.




At the Tacoma Community College Continuing Education, she conducts two classes, “Japanese Beginning” and “Japanese Continuing”; two hours at a time for 10-week-course (each quarter). With Mary Ohno’s original text (CD extra charge), you would learn 46 HIRAGANA and KATAKANA, 50 KANJI, several conversational dialogues (e.g. on the phone, at the store, visiting homes, etc.), simple greetings, self introduction, Japanese style table manners/etiquette, history, cultures, traditional annual festivals, and so forth within the 10 weeks. You’ll be amazed with how fascinating Japanese culture is and how different Japanese language is. But don’t worry! Mary Ohno says…..


“I guarantee that you would love to study Japanese in my class, because…….. “

  • Mary Ohno never force you to struggle with Japanese language but lead you to enjoy learning it.
  • Give you practical and useful homework each time so that you are eager to finish it up without any struggle.
  • Produce a comfortable atmosphere in the class room to ask anything, anytime.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The more you make mistakes, the more you learn.
  • You’ll receive the “Certificate of Completion” from Instructor, Mary Ohno, with your perfect attendance and the perfect homework in 10 weeks.

You will be fascinated, taking her Japanese classes, not only just learning language but also its traditional culture, past and present Japanese life styles, history and so forth, together with her own demonstrations. In addition to the 10-week classes, you would enjoy learning table manners and ettiquette at the Japanese restaurant as the final lesson, on each quarter.



From 2011 Classes are holding at Mary Ohno’s resident

Schedule is as follows:

Japanese Intermediate: Thursday, 6:30 – 8:00

For further information such as private lessons and/or to sign up for the above classes, send email to: kabukiacademy@msn.com



Come Come Nihon-go Club for children

“Younger the better” to start learning foreign language, they say. Mary Ohno also opens her studio to Japanese language classes for children, under the name of “Come Come Nihon-go Club”. Ages range from 5-15years old. Classes held on Sunday afternoon as follows:

  • Tulip Class: 2:00-2:45—5-8years old
  • Himawari Class: 2:45-3:309-11years old
  • Botan Class: 3:30-4:3012-15years old

No classes in July & August

They all enjoy learning Nihon-go Conversation, Culture, Traditions, Songs, Writings, Origami, with Mary Sensei(teacher).

Would you like to know more about Japanese language (adults or children) classes? Send an email to kabukiacademy@msn.com.